Preamble and Rationale

The COVID 19 pandemic is with us. The Virus has infected millions of people, killed tens of thousands, threatens the whole world and has caused a calamitous disruption to the global economy. Our very existence is at stake. This calls for knowledge and urgent action at all levels. The generality of the populace must be made aware of the health threat caused by the virus, how it spreads, how to mitigate the risks and how to adjust to the new world order. Everyone must be brought along.

In Ghana, we have recently come out of a three week lockdown and are still undergoing social gathering restrictions or distancing protocols. However a random survey of attitudes and behaviors show either a lack of knowledge or blatant disregard for the key safety and hygiene protocols. Thus a massive and sustained educational campaign must be mounted to sensitise and orient people, if we are to limit the spread, stabilize the situation and get on with the job of rebuilding our lives in the new world order.

The intelligent, decisive and humane moves of the Ghanaian government has been touted globally. The Ministry of Information is doing a yeoman’s job in managing, disseminating information and rallying everyone to be on board.

It is now time to sustain the gains through continuous mass education.

Drama promotes communication skills, teamwork, dialogue, negotiation and socialization. It stimulates the imagination and creativity; it develops a better understanding of human behaviour and empathy with situations that might seem distant.

In Ghana, almost everybody has a Radio, Mobile Phone or TV set

That is why we propose CORONA LIFE.

Corona Life Radio Drama on Adom 106.3 FM

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