Imagine the sequence of events which preceded the COVID-19 outbreak. The news emanating from China; the WHO administration; the eventual declaration of a pandemic and the subsequent rapid spread through the world.

Now, come to Ghana and imagine a husband and wife at home, who have been following the impending danger with differing attitudes. The husband remains gung-ho, playing business as usual, whilst the wife follows the smart safety/hygiene and social protocols.

What if the husband contracts the virus due to his undisciplined attitude?

Imagine the message that can be sent across to the populace using this medium:

          • Of hygiene
          • Of social distancing
          • Why wear masks
          • Learning to work from home
          • Business threats and opportunities

The woman admonishes them to plan ahead, to begin looking at the world anew, during and after the pandemic, while her husband remains unyielding and static.

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